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I think this boy I’ve been hanging out with thinks I like him but it’s just like no……. I appreciate you as a human being and I think you’re so cool and great but really I just want to kiss you and listen to you talk and that’s all idk

But sometimes it sounds like he likes me but then other times it’s like no there’s no way you could IDK UGH


Martha Vickers

Universal Starlet Patricia Alphin c. 1947

罪人 + 情人

Marie Paule Nègre

Kim Parker by Truus, Bob & Jan too! on Flickr.

Louise Dahl-Wolfe for Harper’s Bazaar, May 1946. #inspiration #spring15
    dehydrated hoe: you look like a dweeb caring around that water bottle all day lol
    me: yeah bitch well you look like a crunch bar and I bet ya pee is yellow